Decide It Yourself.

Malaysia's First Completely Customisable Website Plan

Eliminate the unneccessary features or plugins. Give You Fully Freedom On Your Own Website.


We believe a website plan does not really need to be fixed and it shall be customisable based on every individual’s needs and wants. We want every individual to pay for what they really use without paying extra money!


With Revolutors DIY, we can offer you fully freedom on your own website with the functions and features that you really need at absolutely affordable prices. Our focus is to help you maximise your profits with our money-making website at minimum cost incurred.


Unwanted Features & Plugins

You have no idea on the features or plugins which bundled up in the website package proposal from web developers.

Paying Extra Money​

Your budget does not enough to pay for the website package that offered in the market.

No IT Knowledge

You do not have any background in IT and you have difficulties while communicating with web developers.

In the end, you think that having an own website is complicated and troublesome.

Why DIY?


No need to pay extra for features or plugins that you may not use for many years.

No Hidden Charge

All are transparent and predictable as shown in our plan calculator.

All-In-One Website Solution

All plugins or features that you can think of, we can do it for you.

100% Fully Responsive

Fit to any screen which are friendly to all devices because we want your visitors to continue visit your website.

Content Management System (CMS)

Nowadays, real time information is pursued by all internet users. With our Content Management System, you do not need to rely on your IT guy to do it. You must never left behind from your competitors by update your latest promotions easily by yourself!​

14 Days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We want you to start up your online presence with no risk.
If you are not convince with our products & services, we will refund to you.
Terms & conditions apply.​



You can follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose your domain & page you want
  2. Choose the features & plugins you want
  3. Make your website better by improving website attractiveness, and increase the chance of conversions, and make your guest want to visit you again.
  4. Stay back & BOOOMM!!!! Your website is done within 5 working days.

This website plan  gives your 100% full of freedom to customise the website you want without paying extra money. Kindly click here to check out our website plan calculator to customise your own website now starting as low as RM249!

Your website will last for 12 months counting from the website effective date.

You have no worries on that as we provide a 14 Days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee to let you start your plan at no risk.

Terms & Conditions apply.

The website plan renewal fee will be the original total amount of the customised website plan deducted by the price of the pages number/booking system (if any)/shopping cart  (if any).

For Example,

1st Year:

Total price of website plan: RM2,850

Total price you have to pay after applied coupon code: RM1,425 (50% coupon code discount)

2nd Year:

Total price of website plan: RM2,850

(-) Features & plugins

(Let’s say RM2300)

Total Renewal Price: RM550

You’re Fully Protected By Our 14-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If you are not convinced with our Revolutors DIY website,  we insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant refund. You are entitled to a refund during your 14 days “test-drive” period.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Can't Found The Features You Need?

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