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Top 10 Business Opportunities in Malaysia

Are you always looking for business opportunities in Malaysia? This is a must-read article if you wanted to start up a business in Malaysia but short of business ideas.

In this article, we will reveal the top 10 business opportunities in Malaysia which require minimal capital to start up.

Number 10 – Budget Hotel

Due to the shift of economic power and booming demand of large Asian market since last decade, Malaysia became the most strategic international business destination choice in Asia especially for those MNCs (multinational companies) and foreign corporations which plan to enter into Islamic market. This has brought about RM 1.88 billion of revenue for hotel segments in Malaysia in 2017. So, setting up a budget hotel is a good investment of business idea to consider. However, it might be quite challenging because the strategic location of the budget hotel is key to determine your success.

Number 9 – Travel Agency

In year 2017, there are 25.9 millions of tourists has visited to Malaysia . This fact shows that Malaysia is a huge market in travel and tourism industry because of they entered into Malaysia for business and travel purposes. So, starting up a travel agency seems to be another smart option because it requires low capital and the returns are quite good.

Number 8 – Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry is one of the most profitable industry in the world. In Malaysia, the vehicle registered populations is almost same as the citizen populations. This makes the sales of oil and gas products is extremely well in Malaysia. So, you can become a retailer by selling kerosene, natural gas or other oil and gas related products with a low start up cost. Of course, you can set up a petrol station if your capital is big enough because oil and gas products are necessity products and it still need a long time for all Malaysians to be totally substituted by electric vehicles or other technology replacements.

Number 7 – Microfinance Services

Nowadays, more and more young generations are driven towards entrepreneurship. Funding becomes the main issue for them in order to be sustainable continuously. In this situation, they will get the funding from microfinance banks. If you have a background or experience in banking and finance industry, you can definitely start up this popular business opportunity to fulfill their needs.

Number 6 – Local Transportation Service

The emergence of third party transportation service platforms for example Grab and Uber have brought a huge impact towards transportation service industry in Malaysia. If you have a car, you probably can turn it as your asset as your side income generator. This business opportunity is low in return of investment but it is relatively low risk which suits for those who want for stable income.

Number 5 – Professional Services

Professional services today have a great demand for the small business owners. These small business owners always search for professional services such as bookkeepers and accountants. If you have any professional background such as bookkeeping and accounting, you perhaps can take this into your consideration.

Number 4 – Smartphone and Computers Repairing

Most of the Malaysian adults own a computer and a smartphone but some of them even have two or more smartphones in their pockets. These devices especially smartphones become a part of their lives because smartphones are the tools for them to connecting, entertaining, working, recording, directing location, as well as their personal assistant. Therefore, they rather repair their faulty devices than throw them away because they store almost everything in their devices. You can turn your business mind in this area into money.

Number 3 – Fashion

Different way of a person dressing brings totally different perceptions towards him or her. Hence, fashion becomes the concern for every Malaysian on what they look like. Undeniably, fashion is one of the most profitable business which has already proven by the fashion business tycoon, Amancio Ortega (Zara’s owner). You can always sells fashion items with small investments with a decent margin.

Number 2 – Food and Beverages

Running a small F&B business is very simple and direct. You can always start up with a little stall by selling ice-creams, desserts, and drinks. If your business location is strategic enough, you might no need any extra efforts to promote and advertise your food stall and the returns are quite fast.

Number 1 – Internet Business (Top 1 Business Opportunity in Malaysia)

Operating a business through internet is emerging and it has became a must to have in the future business trend. 



The telephone wire, as we know it, has become too slow and too small to handle Internet traffic. It took 75 years for telephones to be used by 50 million customers, but it took only four years for the Internet to reach that many users.”
– Lori Valigra

There are many types of online business opportunity that you can take into considerations for example, blogging, youtubers, website design, copywriting, affiliate marketing, online marketing, as well as e-commerce. Many IT giants like Google, Alibaba, and Amazon have building up their successful kingdoms in their own professional fields.

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